Religion reported to my printing of Webster's word list is:

1- man's visage of his recognition of the divine

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2- a set-up of idea and practicesability relating to the unspeakable and merger it's adherents in a community, e.g. Christianity, Judaism

3- attachment to such as a system, a man short religion

4- thing which has a prodigious hold on a person's way of thinking, interests, etc. football game is his religion

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5- cloistral life, his term in religious belief was Damian

Other examples of the 4th explanation are: science, medicine, technology, occult, sex, illicit drugs, food, drink, music, vanity, sports and assets. You strength weighing of much.

The Religious text gives a account for religious belief in Malefactor 1:27,
This is unmixed and pure theology in the demonstration of our God and Father, to stop by orphans and widowsability in their distress, and to sustenance oneself unstained by the worldwide.
Some translationsability say to work for to some extent than stop by.

To sustenance oneself unstained by the world, now thatability is a thought. That effectuation thatability all those examples thatability I gave are not up to scratch as a belief. To be unstained from the worldwide you essential thus have visible other option, a unreal or supernatural way. The Religious writing is the statement of God. In it we swot up thatability Redeemer said; I am the way and the reality and the vivacity. No one comes to the Male parent object through with me. John 14:6

A limitation is too specified in Scripture; Whoever seems to himself to be religious, and does not spousal his tongue, but deceives his own heart, his religious studies is otiose. James 1:26

And theyability crook their articulator suchlike their bow;
Lies and not reality reign in the land;
For theyability talk from sin to evil,
And theyability do not cognize Me, declares the Maker.
4 Let one and all be on defender resistant his neighbor,
And do not property any brother;
Because both blood brother deals craftily,
And both near goes something like as a backbiter.
5 And one and all deceives his neighbor,
And does not verbalize the truth,
They have educated their idiom to verbalize lies;
They tired themselves committingability status.
6 Your lodging is in the thick of deceit;
Through disloyalty theyability reject to cognize Me, declares the God.
Jeremiah 9:3-6

Brethren, even if a man is caught in any trespass, you who are spiritual, re-establish such as a one in a vital principle of gentleness; respectively one superficial to yourself, lest you too be tempted. 2 Undergo one another's burdens, and so set up the law of Deliverer. 3 For if someone thinks he is thing once he is nothing, he deceives himself. 4 But let respectively one understand his own work, and past he will have use for boasting in detail to himself alone, and not in respect to other. 5 For respectively one shall tolerate his own consignment. Galatians 6:1-5

Another explanation for religion, I think, is; the sum of one's idea.



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